Child's First Visit

Children And Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can occur as soon as the teeth appear in the baby's mouth. Decay in primary (baby) teeth may damage the hidden permanent teeth that are forming inside the gums.

When To See the Dentist

Protect your child's teeth by starting dental checkups early. The American Dental Association and the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry note that it is beneficial for the first dental visit to occur within six months of the appearance of the baby's first tooth but no later than the child's first birthday.

Why schedule a visit so early? The dentist can show you how to clean your child's teeth, discuss fluoride needs and recommend oral care products.The dentist also checks for problems, such as baby bottle tooth decay. For toddlers, the dentist gently examines their teeth and gums, checking for decay and other problems. If necessary, the child's teeth may be cleaned. Your toddler can be evaluated for habits such as prolonged thumb or finger sucking. Children's oral health needs differ. Your dentist will recommend a schedule for checkups.

Preventive dental care, like dental sealants - a barrier that protects the chewing surfaces of the back teeth - can save time & money, Fantastic, right? We think so.