New Patients

Your First Appointment With a Family Dentist in Gresham
Your first visit to Dr. Cristina P. Kennedy involves a few special steps. Curious about Dr. Kennedy's background? Click here! 


What To Expect
Just Get Here and We Will Take Care of The Rest! We are the Best. Your Search for the Best Dentist in Gresham is Over.

Please bring the following with you or for your children:

  1. Insurance Cards.
  2. Emergency contact information.
  3. A list of all current medications.
  4. Do you need to pre-medicate for dental appointments? If yes, please contact us to assess if you will need to take your pre-medication before your first visit. 
  5. Copies of previous x-rays are helpful but not necessary.
  • Nicole will be at the front desk, ready to greet you and ensure all the necessary forms are complete. We will snap a photo to complete your dental record.
  • Dr. Kennedy and her assistant, Rhonda, will review your medical history, get to know you and share with you our office philosophy. Rhonda will then begin taking your x-rays after Dr. Kennedy prescribes the order and she will take note of all your vital signs.
  • Dr. Kennedy will review your x-rays and complete an exam of all your teeth, your jaw joint  and conduct an oral cancer exam. Your appointment will be complete after this assessment.
  • You are now a patient of record and our goal is to help you achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums.
 Did we say we are thorough, detailed & comprehensive? We assure you that we are meticulous in giving you our focused attention using our attentive & responsive care.